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Align your life with your Truth & personal power, abundance blueprint, and Soul’s purpose!



Discover how to master your unique energy, your mind, and magic  to set the stage for you to have a fresh start on the life path you have been longing to take, but have been lacking the confidence to take the first steps. Become a part of a small and intimate community of women working towards a common goal: to be in charge of your life and command results with confidence.  


Energetics & Unconscious programming are hands-down the most effective tools to put a fulfilling vision for your life into action that aligns with YOU. The authentic version of you. Wouldn’t it be amazing to succeed and manifest your deepest desires with EASE, simply by being yourself? 


Combining these tools with a comprehensive understanding of your personal manifestation style and Spiritual Laws will guide you to be YOU— the you that is “Confident by Design”.  


**Receive special discounts and benefits by becoming a Founding member by joining the premier launch of Confident by Design Group Coaching Container. **  

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What value will I receive by joining the Confident by Design Group Coaching Container?

Master the embodiment your unique energy — aka feel confident and powerful af 

Know your unique manifestation style so that you can manifest more money, your dream soul mate, dream career, or whatever your heart desires 

Know how to maximize your productivity and success with the least amount of resistance and skip the burn out  

Set the stage for the fresh start on your new path in life that you have been searching for  

Become the master creator of your mind and your reality and live life on purpose 

Unapologetically establish and enforce boundaries, and therefore have nourishing, mutually respectful, and fulfilling relationships with deep connection and understanding 

Be part of an intimate community and safe container to help you hold yourself accountable, and to work alongside towards common goals  

Learn everything you need to know about the basics of Human Design & Cycle Syncing so that you can embody their powerful principles with ease  

Become a more powerful, effective, intentional and confident woman!  

Course Content

Getting started with your authentic energy embodiment is as easy as 1… 2… 3…!

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Here are some common concerns for you to consider before making your decision: 


What if I’m not ready to take a chance on myself and invest in Confident by Design? (CBD)”

Amber invites you to consider that it’s not a matter of how ready you are, rather it’s how committed. CBD is a 6 month comprehensive tool to help you to take massive action in your life and have big results. Can you think of a single successful person in your life that waited until they were “ready”? Being ready is an illusion. You may never feel ready. How long are you going to wait for your inevitable success?


“What if I don’t have the money to invest in Confident by Design?”

It’s understandable that investing in yourself is scary when funds are low. This is why there is a more affordable payment option offered to spread the payments over the 6 month duration of the program. AND there is a 6 month money back guarantee. Meaning if you don’t believe you received value after 6 months and completing the course, you’ll get your money back (See satisfaction guarantee for more details).

Empowering women to heal their money story and earn LOTS of it is one of Amber’s goals with this program. That is why there is an entire week dedicated to learning about money. Amber herself has been through financial turmoil and urges anyone who is ready to make radical shifts in their financial well-being, is committed to taking radical responsibility for their financial abundance, and is financially capable of investing in the program, then CBD is here to help you turn your financial situation around. So that when you look back 6 months later and beyond, you know without a doubt that investing in CBD was the right decision for you.


“What if Confident by Design doesn’t work for me?”

It’s not a matter of whether or not CBD works for you, but rather how willing are you to develop yourself and make results happen? CBD is a program designed to serve on the individual level. This means that in CBD you learn how to embody your authentic self. Embodiment of self is the core lesson of CBD, because it is when you embody your authentic energy that you will feel success. This is why it’s not a matter of whether or not CBD will work for you, because as long as you are working towards becoming YOU, it will work. As Kain Ramsey once said Often the greatest risk we can take in life is being our selves.” But with the greatest risks come the greatest rewards.

If after fully committing and completing the program you still feel like it wasn’t for you, there is a satisfaction guarantee in place for you to protect your investment.



“What if I lose motivation and don’t follow through on the opportunity?”

Motivation is simply energy. Energetic embodiment by understanding your unique energy is the core lesson of CBD. If motivation is a concern of yours, CBD helps you gain understanding of your individual motivational energy works so that you can work with it instead of against it. What if you never had to say again “I’m unmotivated”? Because you will no longer devote yourself to what doesn’t motivate you, only what rings inspiration.

And if you struggle with this and need longer to embody this energy of yours, you have lifetime access to the program, 6 months of group coaching support, you can go at your own pace in the program, and there is a FB community to help keep you inspired.


“What if I don’t have the time to commit myself?”

Confident by Design is a self-paced program with group coaching put in place to help you integrate the learnings into your life. You also have lifetime access to the program, so if something should come up that requires you to divert your focus, No Problem! You can come back at any time and the course will be waiting there for you.

If time freedom is of priority to you and you aren’t currently experiencing it in your reality, CBD is exactly what you need to get your time freedom back.


“What if I am unable to make the live coaching calls?”

The following day after the cart closes for enrolment (Sunday October 3rd 2021 11:59pm CST), you will receive a welcome email with further details of your enrolment. Within those details you will find a survey for which time slots work best for you. A time will be chosen that accommodates all participants.

Each coaching call is recorded, and you can find the recordings in the online portal (Kajabi) so that you can reference them at any time.

With each module there is a corresponding coaching call to review the material learned to share your insights and takeaways— a total of 20 calls.

Reminder and detail emails are sent before all coaching calls.

Discover what others are saying about working with Amber:

“I was very lucky that Amber came along just at the right time. Amber could resonate with my story & I could feel the empathy instantly. I had lost my way, my confidence was questionable and I had no direction or motivation. In just one session with Amber, I woke from what felt like a bad dream with purpose and a vision of what I intended my life to be. Amber does not dictate or give answers, they are within yourself and she acts as the guide to your goal. Now I have turned the page to a very exciting chapter of my life and I shall be eternally grateful. I just know Amber will be someone I want as an ally for years to come. A great big thank you.” 

-Marco Yauck, owner & founder of “The Hot Note” 

"I came across Amber at a very trying and low point in my life where I felt lost, had no direction or confidence in myself.  I happened upon her services in a desperate search for answers and she was exactly what I needed.  My session with Amber was the catalyst for positive change and renewed self-confidence in myself.  She taught me that I had all the answers I was looking for and how to step into being my authentic, true self.  I will be forever grateful for meeting Amber and the positive changes she has brought into my life.  Amber is a true gem and gift to anyone she works with.  I’ll be forever grateful for her guidance."

–Ashley T.

“When I found Amber, I was feeling really stuck in my perfectionism that was showing up in my business. I kept hitting a wall where I would start developing new services and would end up comparing myself to others and tell myself I wasn’t good enough to do x, y, z. Amber helped me discover why my story kept sabotaging everything I did in my work, and she helped me address the root cause. I learned how I didn’t truly value my worth enough to really bet on my unique way of doing things, and so I didn’t have dreams or goals, let alone take any real action toward them. My time with Amber gave me the direction I was looking for and the confidence to stop engaging in my negative self-talk, and start trusting in my work and my own decisions again.” 

-Amanda Sankey, owner & founder “The Brand and Style Concierge” 

How much does Confident by Design cost?


The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to taking corrective action in your life, is to seek a solution that is a one-size-fits-all.  

Confident by Design is the only group coaching container that considers your energetic fluctuations as a woman, your individual energetic schematics (Human Design), your abundance blueprint, your authentic soul’s purpose, and your unconscious programming. All of these aspects are what make you YOU. And when you learn to work with what you have & who you are—instead of following the guidelines of what worked for someone else—you achieve your own definition of success. You live life on YOUR terms.  

You can solely invest in a Cycle Syncing program and experience improvements in your energy.

You can solely invest in a Human Design program and learn to make decisions with confidence.

You can solely invest in an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) program and learn about the  unconscious and how to program it.

You can solely invest in a money mindset program so that you can manifest more of it.

You can solely invest in a manifestation program and become better at it.

You can spend thousands on each of these programs alone, and then have to figure out how they work together on your own.


Not only would you have to make the initial investment for each program, but then you have to spend TIME and ENERGY figuring out how each of them relate to YOU.

Confident by Design is the only program that puts all of these amazing principles together to truly empower yourself to be the confident af woman you know you are destined to be.
You empower yourself to live a life of fulfillment, purpose, connection and abundance.

Confident by Design is BRAND NEW PROGRAM. When you choose to participate in the beta launch of this program, not only do you receive the status as a Founding member, but you will save yourself thousands because CBD will NEVER be this low of an investment again!

Founding members receive a significant discount (approximately 50%) and surprise swag for a low investment of $1777 (paid in full). OR you can choose to disperse your investment over 6 months for $333 per month.

Your investment broken down: 

  • 20 Modules of life-changing content: $4440 
  • 20 Corresponding workbooks and journalling prompts: $2220 
  • 20 Live group coaching calls in a safe container: $4440 
  • 3 Meditations & hypnotic tracks $111 

Total value: $11,211!!  


  • Master Your Money Mindset Hypnotherapy audio file FREE ($500 Value) 
    • Program your unconscious to accept your new money beliefs with ease so that there is no resistance in your ability to manifest MORE of it! 
  • Orgasmic Manifestation with Caralee Rast FREE ($250 value) 
    • Allow the inherent power of your creative energy to take the stage so that you can manifest through your own pleasure on auto-pilot.  
  • Manifesting Abundance with the Principles of Feng Shui FREE ($222 value) 
    • Extend your knowledge of energetics to your environment, and learn how to harness the energies around you to manifest wealth, health, love and prosperity.  

Plus, there is a 6 month money-back GUARANTEE to protect your investment! 

Confident by Design shows you that the answers you seek are not outside of you. All of the guidance you need can be found in your intuition, which you will learn how to follow in this program.  


Allow this to be your first test of you intuition. Let’s check in shall we? 

Splenic authorities: “Is my immediate response a hell yes when I ask myself if investing myself by enrolling in Confident by Design the healthiest choice for me?” 

Sacral authorities ask yourself: “Does the thought of investing in myself by enrolling in Confident by Design light me up and bring me joy?” 

Emotional authorities ask yourself: “I felt tremendous excitement when I first heard about CBD. Now that I have come to emotional clarity by waiting 1-3 days, does enrolling in Confident by Design still feel like a hell yes?” 

Ego authorities: “Does investing in myself by enrolling in Confident by Design align with my deepest desires?” 

Mental and self-projected authorities: “After discussing my feelings with a trusted loved one about investing in myself, does enrolling in Confident by Design feel like a hell yes for me?” 


Still unsure? Check out our satisfaction guarantee 👇🏻 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Your investment in yourself is fully protected by our 6 month money-back GUARANTEE! 

Guiding you to maximize your potential is part of my life purpose, and therefore your success is very important to me. If after completing the program you are unsatisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, simply email [email protected] for a full, immediate refund. 

No questions asked! 

-Amber Brauner 

Start your journey of becoming the Confident AF woman you KNOW you are destined to unleash and enrol in the Confident by Design Group Coaching Container Today! 


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